State of Seduction

Well, life has taken a turn for the better, though seduction is on the back burner. 

This is partially intentional, since I’ve wanted to work on my inner game more.  As much as I love chasing tail, the fleeting pleasure will not sustainable when I get much older.  Unless I die earlier than I expect, some day I’m going to be too old to be sex worthy, too old and saggy to attract 23 year old hotties.  Attaching my happiness to hot sex is not a good long-term solution to find happiness. 

Of course, I *could* just wait and worry about this when I turn 65, but I think I can really expand my opportunities to be fulfilled and satisfied with my life by transcending a need for sex.  The desire is so strong, there are times where I’m solely focused on finding *new* girls, and really disappointed during times I can’t have them.  As much as I try to fool myself into outcome independence, I’m just not that zen…

Thus, I’ve shifted my focus to another hobby I enjoy in life, similar to woodworking, while finding a community around it.  There’s few women, mostly men, but that is quite fine.  It is a hobby that is not dependent on finding reliable 20yo hotties.  It is dependent on me, a small part of my budget, and some of my free time.

Creation, whether it’s woodcrafting (or other kinds of crafting) provides me a sense of accomplishment, and comradere from others in the crafting community (not kink community).  It’s a vector for developing seratonin, which hopefully has the side-benefit of increasing my SMV. 

I’m very close to reaching one of my physical fitness goals, and my professional situation has improved greatly so I don’t even need to switch jobs.

Last month I got banned from Tinder due to a tasteful BDSM photo I had, but I don’t really care.  I haven’t had a desire to reinstall and try again. 

I’ve flirted with girls at one of my fitness classes, but none have been hot enough for me to ask for numbers.  As with sniper game, I’ll wait for the right girl and right moment to take my shot.  So I’ll be continuing enjoying my life without chasing, but relaxing and enjoying what naturally comes. 

It’ll take a long time between finding new girls, but I already have 2.  My time is limited, so I’ve chosen to invest it into creative, physical, and professional endeavors with better returns than farming numbers from hot, random strangers.

I’m not so ungrounded as to pretend I’ve transcended the desire for sex.

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