Sexual Tension

I’m trying to learn more about understanding conversational tension and how to use it, including sexual tension. I’ve never really defined this term well, but after reading this article, I’m solid:

Sexual tension is the CONTRAST between a state of ATTRACTION, and lack of ESCALATION.

This is an excellent definition, and the best way that I do this on dates is by holding strong eye contact, talking slowly, and occasional/gentle touches. If she’s receptive, I know there’s attraction, and I’ll eventually pretend to go for a kiss.

I’ll lean in and place my hand on her chin or cheek to make her think I’m about to kiss her, and as she leans in to kiss me, I don’t let her kiss me. Instead, I’ll dodge it, pull her closer, do something else instead: maybe I’ll breath in her hair for a moment, brush my lips on her ear, or slide a finger SLOWLY on the back of her neck. Maybe I’ll give a bit of a growl, and then my date melts (or even better: moans). I love turning girls into putty.

Then I pull away, recompose myself, and ask them something totally superficial “So. You got any pets?”.

Occasionally, girls succeed at kissing me, and I make sure to playfully call them out on being so sexually aggressive and escalating quickly.

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