Pros and Cons of Dating, for Men/Women

"Girls Have It So Easy!"

Yes, it’s easy for hot women to fuck a man when they want.  That’s the thing, from the stories that women tell me, finding men that are good lovers is difficult.  They have go on all these dates, guys say weird stuff, get super needy, are clearly beta males, are psychotic, turn out to have small cocks or make weird noises (or no noise at all!) in bed… you name it.

To sit there are focus on one genders advantages, while ignoring your own, will lead to you reinforcing whatever unbalanced attitude and beliefs you have.  So here, here is a list of Men’s and Women’s Advantages and Disadvantages in dating.  Hopefully it helps you feel glad about being a man (or woman).

Men’s Dating Disadvantages:

  • It takes a SHITLOAD of work on wide array of skills…. Social, ‘game’, improvisation, physical seduction, female anatomy and arousal responses, flirting, non-verbal communication, logistics, economics, time management, fuck, what else… photography, sartorial style, leadership, ad nauseum.
  • Knowledge of psychology (of both genders)
  • Requires adequate physical fitness, and aesthetics
  • Requires nebulous criteria that make you masculine/alpha
  • End up wasting a bunch of time on flakes/text buddies
  • Finding partners requires up to hundreds swipes online, scores of approaches in real life, or strong/large social networks.
  • Active role required, must make the 1st move and lead in order to find partners.
  • Must deal with approach anxiety to even try and find a partner in real life.
  • False accusations put you in a default position of guilty until proven innocent (by the public at least).
  • Pregnancies can result in years of paying child support.  Unable to terminate pregnancy to prevent consequences.

Men’s Dating Advantages:

  • Rarely do we have to worry about physical danger, unless you’re a google executive.
  • SMV is independent of age.  Most of the skills you’ve worked on are mental, not physical.
  • SMV is not highly dependent on aesthetics.
  • Once you have sex with a woman, it’s usually much easier to have sex with her again.
  • Once high SMV is achieved, it is high for nearly all women.

Women’s Dating Disadvantages:

  • There is a legit danger of being drugged/raped by psycho’s.
  • Unless you’re a rarity, you’ll probably hit the wall before 40yo (particularly in the USA).
  • SMV is super dependent on physical beauty (inverse correlation with age)
  • Once a you have sex with a man, sex can be harder depending on his agenda (he might pump-n-dump).
  • Have to deal with physical burden of pregnancy (and/or abortion).
  • Also bear the financial brunt of children if he fails to pay child support.
  • Tons of creepy guys approach you, rarely do smooth guys approach.
  • Passive role requires waiting for the right guy to find you, while not appearing *too* crazy.
  • Social expectations (and probably bit of evolutionary psychology) discourage women from taking an active role in dating.

Women’s Dating Advantages:

  • SMV super dependent on physical beauty, correlated with age so it’s easy when young, unless unlucky.
  • Women have a lot of power in the 1st stage of courtship, and onward if they got a high SMV.
  • Don’t need to do seeking, they just need to wait.
  • Legal recourse is on their side by default for child support, domestic abuse, etc.
  • Only have to spend 6 years in prison if you murder a Google Executive.
  • High SMV only applies to a subset of men (men have their personal ideal type of woman: athletic, thin, curvy).
  • Controls outcome of pregnancy (abortion or not)

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff here, but you get the idea.  Instead of moaning about how easy other people have it, take a look at how easy YOU have it, and capitalize your strengths accordingly.

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