Pre-date Failure

She walked in the coffee shop and I immediately felt the fizz. Skinny girl with a perfect little butt in tight jeans, black heels, and little white blouse caught my attention. My eyes followed at her as she walked into the line, and I waited for her to order before approaching.

Instead, she got impatient, and “just happened” to sit down next to me. I opened her with a compliment, and some nonsense accusing her of being a no-nonsense kind of girl, and after a few minutes I got her number.

Texting was fun and flirty with this 19yo over the next couple days, and we set up a date.

The date day comes around, and here’s the loaded question. I tried mixing my cocky answers with an immediate followup of truth

Fucking-A. I was hoping she’d wait until we met in person to ask, this open-marriage shit is just so heavy of a topic and doing it in text is a real killer. Say Yes and she’ll eject. Saying No is lying, and I don’t do huge lies like that.

She doesn’t give up, and now we got a damn frame battle going on via text… like some vegatarian trying to convince me to stop eating meat. She tries freind-zoning me before I call her out on her BS.

I totally could have taken her “we can do something more casual” in a friend-with-benefits way but I didn’t get that context from the message.

So, she’s done for.

I’ll give it a week or two for a hail mary text. If she bites, I’ll challenge her to prove to me she isn’t a prude, and has *some* sexual experience or *at least* dirty proclivities and fantasies. I’m not going to invest the little time I have, into some girl that’s going to have a shitload of LMR or otherwise be a PIA.

Meanwhile, I’ve got another couple girls in the pipeline with dates penciled in this week.

Next time: Keep to 1 cocky answer (I think I overdid it), challenge more, and flat out reject demands for a straight/detailed answer, and keep all responses SHORT.

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