Open Marriage Considerations​

Open Marriage Considerations

Well, this fall has generally been on the shit side for me.  Professionally, there’s been some unfortunate changes with the program I work on, which means that I don’t get to travel nearly as much as I used to.  I haven’t been laid off, the product is great, but it just isn’t compatible with the companies policies and corporate structure, long story short…

 So, I’m looking for other jobs in and outside the company to either travel frequently, work close to downtown, and/or make more money.   This takes me to game:
I used to believe that an open marriage is a good end-game for seducers, but after this past year I am reconsidering this.  Here’s the rub:


An Open Marriage is only good if you have a high number of leads available at a given time.

Of course this is obvious, you can say the same thing for being single…  But getting leads is WAY fucking easier when single.  Single guys don’t have a family to take care of, aren’t tied to a specific location, and can easily make time for gaming.

In the past, I could rely on online dating to find girls.  But my results this year have totally discredited that option.  I’ve had sex with a 3 women via online game this past year, they were all when I was out of country.  I did have a go at salt-daddy game, and had sex with a women that way, but it was only fleeting, and I’m not interested in doing that anymore.

I also tried night-game for a couple months, but that really fucks with my schedule, mental state, and general productivity.  Plus, as a 38yo with typical suburbian engineer friends, I don’t have a social circle to warrant hanging out at EDM clubs regularly.

Fucking suburbs…  Living downtown is not an option unless I send kids to private school, or be one of those married-but-not-living-together types, and I have no interest in doing either of these just to daygame. 

The next best thing I can do, to improve my logistics, is get a job downtown, where there’s a bunch of office babes running around.  Engineering offices in the burbs are NOT conducive to pickup.  Thankfully, if nothing else, my office is relocating *closer* to downtown, at least closer to good coffeeshops.  Anyway…

I no longer recommend open marriages, UNLESS you can fulfill at least one of these conditions:

  1. You’re as jacked as a male model, the type that gets a bunch of likes from unknown women on social media.  Online game probably works for you in this case.
  2. Your wife or other partner is willing to wing for you at sex clubs (a la The Red Quest).
  3. You live right next to a nursing school, corporate-power yoga studio, or other place that lots of people are transiting, which enables easy logistics for daygame.
  4. If you’re handsome (but not hot), then travel frequently, or be an expat, since any kind of game will work in this case.
  5. Make enough money to support sugar babies.  Although it’s not “game”… whatever, it’s still a way to have a sex life.

This also presumes that you have decent “game” in the sense of a masculine personality, passing obvious shit tests, and know how to lead.

I used to fulfill #4, but since I no longer travel much, I plan to fulfill #1.  I’ve done a ton of lifting out these past couple of years, but have very little to show for it aside from a few chronic injuries and very slight increases in PRs.  I’ll be seeing a bodybuilding coach shortly to figure out wtf I’m doing wrong (aside from not taking ‘roids).

I’ll consider #5 once I’m making a shitload of money.  Right now I’m not willing to drop $1500/month for a transactional relationship.  Is this how much you sugar daddies actually pay? Damn…


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  1. I can at least appreciate some of this as I have a kid 50/50, and that definitely cuts down on my ability to game. Unfortunately, I have to move to the suburbs soon, and am a bit concerned about that fact. Perhaps something we can tackle together as I have some ideas.

    One thing I’ve gotten quite good at is daygaming in grocery stores, especially upscale ones like Whole Foods. Women are very easy to open in these situations and I have to imagine there are options in your area. Another place to think about is Target, or Costco, etc.

    Here’s my plan–I have yet to put this in motion, but starting this next month I’m on it: I’m basically going to do day game, but in the suburbs. So I’ll have a planned route, just like in Day Game, that will include grocery stores, Target and the like, a couple malls, that sort of thing. The other consideration, and I don’t know how far your suburbs are from downtown, but it works where I live, is to simply drive downtown and then run your normal day game, knowing that you’ll go for a two date model. Date 1 is somewhere near her, but you’re not looking to pull unless it’s on and you can get her to take you to her place. Date 2 is dinner at your house. Not sure if that works given your open marriage, but in my situation it can work, and it’s not all that far for the girl to come over. In fact, a lot of the chicks I’ve gamed downtown end up living in the burbs.

    Kinda funny, because to supplement, I’m going to do the same thing with regards to swipe dating–my challenge is to get ripped, so I need to change my diet and lose some weight and get absolutely cut, because chicks are so damn picky these days online dating is shitty unless you’re a Chad.

    Anyway, I’m optimistic it can work–but then, most of my cold approaches are one-offs, so I’m used to doing it that way, as opposed to the sessions of 10 sets other guys in day game seem to adhere to.

    Let’s team up dude–maybe we can crack the code for suburb game? Because I know for a fact there are a ton of hot chicks who live in the suburbs, either because they’re still with their parents, it’s close to their job, or whatever. I see them everywhere when I’m in those areas.

    LMAO–also going to tour the yoga studios as part of my plan.

    One thing, and I’m not sure how many guys are cool with this, but I’m open to, is seducing other men’s wives, as I think there’s an opportunity to be had in that realm. Lots of lonely, bored housewives who live in the burbs who’d be totally open to an affair on the side. Obviously, I’ll have to take precautions. Anyway, we’ll see. Cheers brother!

  2. LOL @ the yoga studio part. For pickup purposes, I will advise against going to a specialty yoga class like yin, since there’s way less people compared to a popular class (obviously). The bonus of these is you get to learn better yoga.

    The fancy studios typically have smaller, tighter knit groups, more regulars, so it’s more conducive to social circle game. Maybe it’s worth putting in that effort, but I haven’t found a place where I’ve wanted to do that.

    LA fitness-style yoga classes are probably the best for pickup, since there’s waiting around outside the studio where you can shoot the breeze before going in, and a lot more turnover. The downside is the classes can be crap.

    I’ve occasionally done the target-grocery-mall daygame jaunt, but that’s a lot of wasted time driving. In my area, I’m lucky if I see 1 approachable women per location, so I have to be strict about cold approaching. I typically need a long warm-up time to get into the flow state for it.

    One option that’s doable for me is occasionally work/read at a popular coffee shop, which gives me time to work and focus, and time to approach when it’s good. I don’t have to race across a target to approach the only girl there. I can supplement this with visits to the college on occasion, which is legit since they have a bodyfat analysis lab.

    I usually have date #1 at a fancy bar/coffeeshop, and date #2 either at her place, another bar, or hotel bar depending on the situation.

    I’ve fantasized about seducing wives, but in practice I don’t want any of the potential blowback/drama, nor be complicit in breaking up some family. But, if a hot, married, childless woman is seducing me from out of town… she might succeed.

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