Low Times

These past couple months have been frustrating, mainly since I’m looking for a lover in my hometown.  My secondary has had a lot of life stuff going on so we don’t spend much time together.  Usually I find partners quickly during travel, but I haven’t traveled in a couple months, and have nearly nothing to show for it here. 

Aside from the kinky girl at a coffee shop, who was only in my city for 2 days, I’ve gotten 2 numbers:

  • 1 scheduled date, then she learned about open marriage and backed out.
  • 1 other date flaked, turned out to be a timewaster.

Last week in review:

Sunday: I was out with a wing to take some better dating photos.  Happy to get an excellent casual photo.  I realize I have a lot of good selfies, but nearly no social ones.  If I’m out with friends, I typically don’t dicking around with my phone, unlike girls/millenials.  I’ll have to change this non-habit for online dating purposes.  Saw one hot girl that I approached, but she had a husband.

Thursday: At the gym, I approached a 9 who hooked immediately.  I questioned if it was a real hook though since she had a BF.  I got her instragram and now see she’s a hardcore (not in a good way) christian type.

Friday afternoon: I managed to work outside of the office at a coffee shop.  There was unacceptably low volume, not one hot woman in the hour I was there.  So, I hit up the mall for an hour, approached 2 women, and chickened out on 4.  This is normally a busy place so I don’t understand what the deal was, maybe it’s just in between the summer/normal college sessions.

Last night: I went out for nightgame, only for the volume to be critically low.  Actually, the bro-bars, which I can’t stand, have a decent amount of women, though usually real drunk ones that I’m not going to approach.  I hate pop music, don’t like the vibe, so I passed going to those.  My wingman wanted to take me to a new place he found, so I followed.  Couldn’t be worse than the mundane bro bar?

A country bar.  There were a few women there at least, but I only approached one girl, and her friends spotted my ring and quickly brought it up to her.  I said “It’s ok, I got an open marriage” and she was still clearly uncomfortable with it.

She spurted out some objection, I said “Wow, I didn’t realize you were so conservative” on the off chance she was at least a tad liberal and would have tried qualifying herself.  But instead, she agreed.  I ejected since I’m fucking tired of trying to change girls’ minds about it.

After that, I revisited the swanky bar/ultralounge near me… NO hot women, they were all at the wall or past it.  Ended it relatively early for the night to catch up on sleep.

Online game:

I’ve only put a little time into OKC, did 30 “openers”, has sucked balls in a bad way.  I’ve only gotten 2 matches in the last week, and after scrutiny I realized they are 5 or 6’s with sneaky photo angles… so it’s really 0 online matches.  What a wreck.  The new OKC method is horrible.  Instead of simply messaging, it’s now a match-message system, where you have to swipe (and include a message if you want).  If they swipe right, then they see your comment/message you sent.

I also realize that I can’t see how many women I’ve messaged, so now I’ll have to keep track of statistics manually.  If nothing happens by next weekend, I’ll try something else.

I’m trying to think of a redeeming quality of OKC.  If I pay, they can filter out the overweight women so they aren’t shown to me in the first place.  Hmm.

Weekly Stats:

  • 5 approaches, no leads.

Biggest Issues:

  • Approach anxiety (I could double my results if I work past it).
  • Low Volume.  I’ll have to be judicious with my time and where to spend it.


  • Work extra hours early in the week, to make time for daygame late in the week.
  • Go to a better coffee shop for gaming.  Colleges are also opening up.

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