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TL;DR - Don't fucking bother

Lately, I haven’t had much time to daygame.  And if I have, approach anxiety is huge obstacle for me, and may get in a couple approaches but a lot of weaseling out goes on.  Time has really been in a squeeze since I’m looking for a new job while also looking at side-business opportunities since I’m tired of being an employee, while also maintaining the typical suburban life BS: working on cars, working on the house, working on the lawn, working on the kids, working on the wife, working out myself… and somehow finding time for work work.

Times have fucking changed.  I have more interesting content for a profile, better photos from travels and adventures, more dating experience, and I’m in slightly better shape than in the past. 

Years ago, I had solid results from OKC, an occasional 3 dates in a week which is my max.  Bringing a new girl into my “collective” was regular enough that doing online game was practical and effective.  So I signed up to try it out again.

When I first signed up, after a few days I quickly had 99+ likes.  I thought “huh… maybe it’s OK after all, I’m sure most are ugly but there’s gotta be a dozen that are at least decent.”  So I signed up for premium membership to see them, I realized it was a fucking scam:  All of the 99+ women were either:

  • A)  Completely unattractive.  (75%)
  • B)  Hot and from the Philippines or some other side of the world. (25%)
I figured I’d at least see more women by paying, but not really, maybe a few.  Not nearly enough to make paying for a membership to be worth it.  I hoped there was SOME advantage to paying, either me being placed at the top of the swipe stack, message list, or other nonsense.  I did not notice ANY statistically significant change from before/after paying.
I had a few false leads, where I got a response from a girl, only for them to disappear a couple minutes afterward. I figure this happens when they respond and THEN read my bio which is pretty polarizing, I do mention the open marriage deal and make a subtle mention of kink.
I had one good lead, but I ended up rejecting her after she said something that made me lose interest:  “I have no desire to call you Daddy.” which was either a joke that fell flat, or a shit test.  Either way she was not hot enough for me to even bother continuing. 
The new, or “new”, swipe format that OKC is really stupid.  Instead of the old method where you can message anyone, now you can only add a message to your right swipes.  The girl will see your message if your card is shown to them.  You can only continue messaging If they match.  But until you match, their profile disappears.
Great.. a mutated version of Tinder: It is Tinder that will show her your opener before you even match.  So now, what is the better option:
  1. You write an opener for every girl you swipe right.  Your card will be shown to her earlier.  But, there’s a subtle hint of extra neediness.
  2. You wait for her to match before you write the opener.  It’ll be less needy, but you might not be shown to her at all.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the statistics.  Past OKC would let me see who I already messaged, it had an archive of all my message sent/received, # times my profile was viewed, etc.  Now, they hide all of this, any stats require a ton of extra work.

By paying for the premium membership, I was hoping that AT LEAST the filtering would help save me time.  But NO.  Sure, you can filter for body type and attractiveness, but holy shit.  This doesn’t work for the swiping mode, the mode where it’d be MOST useful.  There are so many unattractive women on this site.  If I use the older-fashioned “browse” mode, there were a few dozen women I could see at first.  But now, it shows up pretty nasty women even with the filters.

I’ve had it.

OKC overhauled their site and all of its benefits for men are now gone.  That’s it. Subscription cancelled.  I’ll try again in another couple years.

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