Cold Approach Success

Finally, some success with cold approaching while daygaming. I intended to work at a coffee shop, but a beautiful woman in a flower dress (Miss Sneaky) caught my eye while I walked in. I’ll write about her during another time, this is just a celebratory moment for me, and gives you an idea about my daygame statistics.

I’m sure I’ve approached a couple hundred girls over a mix of night and daygaming over the past few years, but since it’s been so sporadic, I’m still relatively new to daygame. Most of the time I game during travel, though this has changed as I’m just sick of online gaming. Over the past few months, I’ve approached 89 women locally, and made sweet, dirty love to 1 of them (unfortunately she lives out of town).

In foreign countries I’ve approached about another 40 with no results due to logistics, bf’s/husbands, and lack of my skill as a seducer when it comes to the beginning.

So, I must refrain from giving daygamey advice until I have a better handle on this front. I kinda regret writing the “the magic question” post, since I think if I need to ask it, then there is something wrong with my frame when I approach in the first place.

But then again, it’s a safety net/backup plan, so I still think it’s worth keeping in mind.

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