Breaking the Rules

The other weekend I was on a cushy business trip, and took some windsurf lessons since, well, I needed SOMEBODY to take my money (it’s not a cheap hobby).

While chit-chatting with the instructor, he started complaining about how about half the men who approach him about windsurfing end up not-doing it “because of their wife/girlfriend”.

When we finished our session, we were walking back along the beach, as some German guy came up and inquired about taking lessons. A couple minutes go by, the German leaves, and 15 minutes later comes back to tell the instructor “Sorry, but my wife won’t let me.”

I just burst out laughing. Those men are in the wrong types of relationships.

“Mommy, can I go windsurfing/motorcycling/play video games?”
“No, you can’t, it’s too expensive/dangerous/etc!”

It’s one thing to collaborate with your partner and take their thoughts and POV into consideration, it’s another to hand them your balls. And even worse: blaming THEM for your “inability” to do stuff.

Balance your budget, find what’s important to you, and get after your passions. Find a partner that supports you, not a Mom. And stop blaming a partner’s opinion/perspective for your actions.

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