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I found Blackdragon’s blog while searching “how to prevent oneitis” several years ago after I first opened my marriage.  I signed up for his SMIC program for about 6 months, until I was consistently getting results from online game.

The System:

BD doesn’t focus on teaching game, as much as he focuses on getting laid using online “game”, and otherwise maximizing freedom.  This involves staying focused on the process, and relationship rules, in order to maximize your chance at finding new women online.  Particularly YES girls. 

There’s very little on his site about passing shit tests, daygaming, etc.  He does have good advice for what to do on dates, and I believe that my dates have gone very well fromit.

SMIC is (or was the old name) for paying members.  It included a private forum for BD to answer personal questions, a monthly skype personal coaching call, occasional conferences with other members, a private podcast, and a day where you can send a bunch of emails and get answers from him. 

I found SMIC provided a good amount of value beyond just dating, and was a member for about a year since I got a huge raise during my time participating in it and laid a bunch of women,.  I quit it after I felt I had a solid hold with online dating, to the point where I didn’t really have any dating questions to ask him.


Blackdragons biggest lesson to teach is the internal game of an easy-going outcome independence, particularly when it comes to relationship freedom.  If a girl wants to disappear for a few months to bang some other guy, and then come back, that’s quite fine (just keep her as a FWB and nothing more!). 

If you want to be in the “secret society” and have lots of free loving casual sex, you must have the emotional security and abundance mindset to let girls leave you on a whim, and welcome them back when they return.  Shit, before even getting to that point, you have to be ok with your girl(s) banging other dudes.



The biggest benefit is also the biggest drawback.  I know intuitively (I can’t prove it since I don’t have access to a parallel universe for testing) that being overly outcome independent lost me a lot of leads.  If you follow BD’s advice, you won’t be “filtering” explicitly, but you will implicitly when you drop girls that don’t text back or ones that piss you off slightly or whatever.

It is also drama intolerant, and this is fine in a way since I personally can’t stand it.  But, after reading and listening Tom Torero’s material on holding frame, I think BD’s intolerance to drama can lead to early hard-nexting.  Instead of confronting the drama head on, BD’s method is soft-nexting without explicit confrontation the drama.

Another big downside is I personally think his online gaming advice is outdated.  This past year or two he greatly reduced (or even eliminated) his online gaming, and is supplementing with sugar baby game. 

Dating sites use a lot of filtering/default settings that hinder, if not outright prevent, men in their 30’s from messaging much younger women.   Mass messaging is only effective if you have LOTS of women to chose from.  My online lay ratio is about 3/100 messages, which worked fine in the distant past, but these days there’s simply not enough volume unless I include women in their late 30’s.

In Summary:

I recommend reading BD’s material if you’re new to open relationships and starting out with game.  His online gaming advice is a bit outdated since he doesn’t really game much anymore, but his advice starting from the 1st date to running long-term relationships is still relevant. 

His structure is a bit strict, since he never kisses on the 1st date (I haven’t found this to affect my results).  He also advocates pushing for the date very quickly since time is the enemy.  I find this comes across as too needy, which drives some women off.

If you have well over a couple dozen notches, then you can probably skip his gaming advice, and maybe find his relationship management advice useful. 

If you’re already running poly relationships, and you’ve run harems before, then you might enjoy his readings but I wouldn’t recommend signing up for his membership program unless you want his business advice.

His sugar/salt daddy “gaming” advice is good, and I had fun trying out the salt-daddy thing, though it’s not for me (at this time at least).

3 thoughts on “Blackdragon Review”

  1. On the net I like BD,, but I observe…

    * Like you say, his online game appears to be very outdated.

    * I like player and game blogs that say something surprising to me, or tell surprising stories. I have been reading his blog for two or so years now and have never found anything like that, or only seen a few items. There are some useful bits for beginners trying to do non-monogamy, but there is a whole lot of filler. Contrast that with Jimmy Jambone blog that I read through a couple days ago.

    * BD’s books are very expensive and I have looked through a couple… they are only worth it IMO for a guy who is very unfamiliar with game. I don’t want to blow my own horn overly much but I put out a free book covering similar topics. It would be interesting to me to see a compare and contrast between the BD books and the non-mono book I put out. Particularly if my book comes out looking like shit by comparison.

    * I am not convinced BD has real and valuable business experience, because if he did the money he makes from that would dwarf the money he could make with selling books. Could also be super wrong on this one.

    * Some guys have super frame and/or charisma in real life and that is their real “game,” so he could be one of those guys.

  2. Shit, I should preface that my review may even be outdated. At like $60, his books are expensive. They used to be much cheaper.

    Is $60 worth it for his books? That depends on how much money you make. For a guy in college, emphatically ‘NO!’. For someone that makes a lot of money and has no game, I give a hesitant ‘yes’.

    That $60 will provide some good, fundamental advice, BUT since his online dating advice is outdated, you’ll have to spend extra money on someone else’s book to make up for it :/

    I’ll have to check out Jimmy Jambone.

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