About Me

I’m an international business traveler with an open marriage. It hasn’t always been this way, since I grew up as the typical “beta male” does: Insecure, anxious, supplicating, and believing in the lies our culture tells us about sex and relationships.

After a ton of “red pill” reading, I unlearned the lies society told me, and began a comprehensive set of changes in behavior, habits, and beliefs. I worked on myself, worked to open my marriage, learned how to effectively seduce women, and have a fulfilling sex life. It’s a good life and imperfect one.

I’ve been to some places, seen some things… and enjoy journaling. So I hope to help all you out there by giving a fresh, red-pill perspective on polyamory.

Is polyamory ideal? Fuck no, but it’s works for the players and “sluts” out there, as long as they have the typical qualities of good people: generally honest, and communicative enough. It’s a sustainable relationship model if you approach it a good way, or it can be wild and chaotic (in a good or bad way) when approached differently.

If freedom is important to you, I highly recommend considering a polyamory as your default relationship model.

Anyway, read some stuff, and ask some questions. – Devan