Month: August 2019

Low Times

These past couple months have been frustrating, mainly since I’m looking for a lover in my hometown.  My secondary has had a lot of life stuff going on so we don’t spend much time together.  Usually I find partners quickly during travel, but I haven’t traveled in a couple months, and have nearly nothing to …

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Blackdragon Review

I found Blackdragon’s blog while searching “how to prevent oneitis” several years ago after I first opened my marriage.  I signed up for his SMIC program for about 6 months, until I was consistently getting results from online game. The System: BD doesn’t focus on teaching game, as much as he focuses on getting laid …

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Pre-date Failure

She walked in the coffee shop and I immediately felt the fizz. Skinny girl with a perfect little butt in tight jeans, black heels, and little white blouse caught my attention. My eyes followed at her as she walked into the line, and I waited for her to order before approaching. Instead, she got impatient, …

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Cold Approach Success

Finally, some success with cold approaching while daygaming. I intended to work at a coffee shop, but a beautiful woman in a flower dress (Miss Sneaky) caught my eye while I walked in. I’ll write about her during another time, this is just a celebratory moment for me, and gives you an idea about my …

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