Month: July 2019

A Magic Question

So you finally approached some girl at a supermarket, airport, whatever, whenever.  The chat is going well, but there’s something hindering your seduction.  Maybe she noticed your ring and is getting skiddish; the conversation’s platonic for a little too long and you want to make your intentions more clear; you want to transition into romantic/sexual …

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Sexual Tension

I’m trying to learn more about understanding conversational tension and how to use it, including sexual tension. I’ve never really defined this term well, but after reading this article, I’m solid: Sexual tension is the CONTRAST between a state of ATTRACTION, and lack of ESCALATION. This is an excellent definition, and the best way that …

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One Ring to Rule them All

I watched this video on Youtube about wearing a wedding ring while picking up women. A guy was afraid of appearing sleazy. The coach’s advice: “Be proud of that ring and don’t give a fuck what other people think!” It’s lame inner game advice, and SHITTY advice for picking up women. There is no ring …

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Breaking the Rules

The other weekend I was on a cushy business trip, and took some windsurf lessons since, well, I needed SOMEBODY to take my money (it’s not a cheap hobby). While chit-chatting with the instructor, he started complaining about how about half the men who approach him about windsurfing end up not-doing it “because of their …

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